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I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.

Romans 7:21

Shipping Law

Operation and trade of ships happen in a different legal and practical world from similar activities ashore. This world is unfamiliar to lawyers who do not practice shipping law.

Claims arising from vessel collision, the charter and lease of ships, personal injury and other accidents, and from commercial and personal disputes must be resolved. Insurance disputes develop, equipment and supplies are purchased, mortgages are taken out, liens arise, debts must be collected, employment disputes develop, cargo damage happens, business issues must be addressed, pollution occurs, and insurance, sale, charter, lease, repair and other contracts must be negotiated.

When such conflicts happen ashore, they are generally governed by the national or state law that applies in Spain, or exceptionally if there is a foreign element, by a foreign law. But when they happen in the sea, they are ruled by international conventions and maritime law, or by some combination of national and shipping law. If you have a legal matter that asks for experience in the law of the sea, please do not hesitate to contact me to learn how I can help. I speak your language.

fields of expertise

Shipping and Navigation Law

  • Yacht sale and purchase agreements.
  • Choice of flag and registration.
  • Conversion and repair agreements.
  • Corporate issues and ownership estructures.
  • Crew agreements.
  • Ship arrests.
  • Letters of protest.
  • Constitution of limitation funds.
  • Charter and commercial disputes.
  • Salvage rewards.
  • Search and Rescue.
  • Temporary importation advice.
  • Pleasure craft insurance advice.
  • Unsafe port or berth claims.

Civil and commercial Law:

  • Recognition & enforcement of foreign judgments.
  • Cross-border debt recovery.
  • Private international law.
  • Contracts, conflicts, negotiations.
  • Real estate sale and purchase.
  • Mortgage and debt restructuring.
  • Outdoor sports law and business.
  • Family and parental custody.
  • Accidents & injuries. Tort actions.
  • Criminal law.
  • Inheritance & last wills.


Additional professional services include:

  • External in-house legal services for businesses that need ongoing support but would rather not engage a full time counsel.
  • Translation of legal and business documents.
  • Translation of navigation articles.
  • Proofreading of academic and legal papers.
  • Outdoor sports business consultant.
  • Agent or correspondant for foreign law firms.
  • Legal outsourcing on Spanish law for foreign law firms.


How does what's right differ from what justice demands? Let Right Be Done was the expression used by medieval kings when assenting to bills passed by Parliament. It was famously employed by Charles I when assenting to the Petition of Right. It was an expression of sovereign will, a statement of the power of the law and its creative potential; but it was also an expression of transcendent value, “let right be done,” was a commitment to notions of decency and justice implicit but tenuous in the ideal of legality.

Professor Mark D. Walters. Faculty of Law. Queen’s University