File Transfer


As a tool for sharing large files, I've dropped WeTransfer for MinBox. Here, speed and simplicity are king, with Minbox transferring files of unlimited size and three times faster than Dropbox. Minbox lets your files queue, and emails the link in the same step; while the drag-and-drop transfer method is simple to use.

In short, Minbox is the fastest and most feature-rich WeTransfer alternative for sending and receiving large files that I have tried. It cuts the stress out of uploading big files by offering unlimited file size transfers. And I do not have to wait for the files to upload before I can move on to my next taso. When the file upload is complete, the recipient simply receives a link to the files in a clean, responsive web gallery. Files can be viewed from any device and I can communicate with my recipients in real-time.

Another advantage that makes it friendly for use in mobile phones is that your recipients can view your files instantly without downloading.

For Mac users there is a very small OS X application to ease up exchange of large files, without any limitations. The Minbox app sits in OS X’s menu bar. To share a file, you will need to drag-and-drop it onto Minbox’s menu bar icon. This will make a small floating-looking window appear, where you’ll need to enter the recipient’s e-mail and an optional message. And after you click “Send”, you can forget about this file. The rest of the job will be done by Minbox in the background, and recipient will receive an e-mail which contains link to a shared file only after upload is done.

Minbox’s Mac app makes the task of sharing even more seamless and fast. From screenshots and screen recordings to using keyboard shortcuts to grab links to files, it is a perfect tool for power-users.

Minbox doesn’t bring anything revolutionary, but by being more convenient and having a faster upload rate, it dramatically eases up workflow surrounding large file sharing.  For free, you receive unlimited file transfers, storage and management. Using WeTransfer you have to upgrade to WeTransfer Plus to get more out of the service and still file transfer size will still be limited to 10GB.

Files are stored for 30 days, but the Pro version ($19.99 a month) stores files for as long as you want, adds enhanced security features, personalised URLs and branding.