New Royal Decree for Superyachts.

The Royal Decree 804/2014, of September 19th, sets the legal system and the safety and pollution prevention standards for large recreational vessels of more than 24 meters of length, less that 3.000 GT of gross ship tonnage, and a capacity for transport up to twelve passengers, crew not being included, that will  be built or newly flagged in Spain.
This new regulation will enter into force in January 18th, 2015, introducing withn the unique Spanish twist for tortuous regulation, the MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code, that was updated from LY2 to LY3 in August 2013 and whose full name  as LY1, was the ‘Code of Practice for Safety of Large Commercial Sailing and Motor Vessels’.
Spanish legislation lacked before specific regulations in regard to pleasure craft of a length (Lh) of 24 meters and a gross tonnage of less than 3000 GT, capable of carrying up to 12 passengers, excluding crew, commonly known as "super yachts". According to the provisions of Royal Decree 1661/1982, of 25 June, that implemented the application to all national merchant ships and boats of the SOLAS Convention, 1974 and its 1978 protocol (SOLAS), this Convention would have before applied to these large commercial yachts. However, certain rules of that Convention were be difficult to apply to recreational vessels as they were designed for merchant ships.
This Royal Decree draws heavily on the rules and criteria governing European regulations, based by the soundness of their technical rules in the "Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY3)" of the Maritime Coastguard Agency. that set standards on manning, construction, safety and rescue, radio-electronics and fire extinguishing systems.
The standards on construction and equippment are drawn from the Interna, tional Conventions for the Prevention of Marine Pollution (MARPOL) and the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea(SOLAS).
While any recreational vessel whose gross tonnage exceeds of 3000 GT, will be subject to the standards of merchant ships, this new regulation apply neither to large yachts devoted to recreational sailing, tourism, pleasure, non-professional sports or fishing, vessels of wooden hulls and of basic construction, historic ships and their replicas designed before 1965, hovercrafts nor hydrofoils.
Regardless of the private or commercial use, the crew of these large yachts must have professional qualifications. However leisure large yachts can be skippered by Ocean Yachtmasters. To this regard, there is a quiet practice of asking for commercial endorsement without proper consideration of the remits of STCW endorsement.
There is a degree of consolation in the fact that in complying with these new standards, it will no longer be required a explicit authorisation from the Spanish General Directorate of Shipping.