So on the deep and open sea I set
Forth, with a single ship and that small band
Of comrades that had never left me yet."

Dante, Canto XXVI


It is a fact that while you can always keep learning how to sail smarter or safer, sailing has always been a test of human judgment in which knowledge, logic, and intuition are used to balance risk against reward. The sailors who strike the best balance usually win.

But besides the sea, there is an endlees train of tribulations brought upon shipowners and masters by the law. Risks inherent to particular forms of corporate estructures; risks regarding the safety of people or property; financial and tax risks; risks of liabilities to third parties; and criminal liabilities.

A shipowner may be exposed to legal proceedings either for non-compliance with statutory provisions, or for accidents occuring by non-compliance with regulations, or due to unwise corporate estructures or contractual arrangements, or simply, for incidents arising from operation and trading of ships.

We aim to protect shipowners from undue exposure brought by tortuous statutes and regulations or by inappropriate decisions. In areas where confidentiality is paramount. Find out how we can help. We speak your language...

All photography provided by Jared Chambers



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